The WRQ provides useful information to help users accomplish tasks like these:

  • Generate lists of potentially appropriate occupations for individuals with medical or psychiatric impairments
  • Generate a list of jobs that best-match a previously held job by an individual with medical or psychiatric impairments
  • Structure reasonable accommodations under ADA or ADAAA before returning to work after disabling injury or illness
  • Estimate time and expense of retraining for any of more than 2,000 jobs in the PAQ database
  • Assess occupational effects of medical impairment: assessing_occupational_effects_of_medical_impairment.pdf
  • Use WRQ information to negotiate vocational issues in forensic settings

Note: Data from large-scale studies of WRQ applications are not yet available. The following applications of PAQ technology are driven by situational need, scientific logic and the web-based availability of empirical information resulting from analysis of more than 300,000 jobs in about 1,500 organizations. We can help design research to validate hypotheses implied in applications of PAQ/WRQ job information.


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