Corporate human resource or risk managers: Job information provided by the WRQ may facilitate selection or placement of individuals with functional limitations, support progress on diversity goals, and help structure reasonable accommodations under ADA, including listing jobs potentially appropriate for qualified persons with disabilities or structuring job-related outplacement assistance if reasonable accommodations are infeasible. WRQ information can be used as a job-related structure for discussions between employer, disabled workers, and medical, psychological and allied health providers with regard to medical restrictions on specific job elements. Restrictions stated in terms of specific job elements avoid the ambiguity of restriction to "light duty."

Health insurers or workers' compensation, casualty loss, long-term disability insurers: WRQ information may help individuals with functional limitations return to productivity more quickly or surely than is likely without job information.

Attorneys: Job information provided by the WRQ may assist preparation for taking vocational testimony, may facilitate negotiation over vocational issues, or support litigation if negotiation fails. WRQ information may apply to the estimation of loss of income associated with functional limitation, or prediction of educational, training and experience requirements of new occupations.

Health service providers: WRQ information may help health service providers to structure job-related functional capacity evaluations (FCEs). It may help to decrease anxiety or depression over job loss or job change or job stress by providing a structure for discussing job problems and concerns. WRQ information may facilitate return to productivity, whether in the same or a different job. The WRQ is an evidence-based psychometric tool designed to support clinical assessment of employability of individuals with functional limitations, or assessment of work disability.

Individuals with functional limitations: WRQ information may help these individuals to examine and pursue jobs that are likely within their capabilities, tolerances, interests and ability to perform or learn. The WRQ is designed for professional use and not for lay individuals for personal use.

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