Worker Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. (WRA) provides consulting, training, and software solutions for employers, insurance carriers, health service providers, vocational rehabilitation professionals, attorneys, government agencies, non-profits and others for the management and control work of disability.

WRA has designed and developed the Worker Rehabilitation Questionnaire (WRQ), a web-enabled, evidence-based tool for producing job information to support decision-making about employment or re-employment of individuals with functional limitations or decision-making about work disability.

The WRQ continues to develop at the intersection of psychological science and practice. Observation of regularly occurring needs for occupational information in practice has prompted application of systematic methods for generating useful information for management and control work of disability.

To discuss strategies for controlling work disability and decreasing economic and social burdens of workers' compensation, casualty loss and long-term disability, contact David D. Robinson, Ph.D. at (303) 581-9778 or

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